Viktor Bout

Viktor Anatolyevich Bout is a Russian arms dealer. A weapons manufacturer and former Soviet military translator, he used his multiple companies to smuggle arms from Eastern Europe to Africa... Wikipedia

  • Native name:  Виктор Бут
  • Born:  Viktor Anatolyevich Bout, January 13, 1967, Dushanbe, Tajik SSR, Soviet Union
  • Nationality:  Russian
  • Other names:  Merchant of Death, Sanctions Buster, Vadim Markovich Aminov, Viktor Bulakin, Viktor Butt, Viktor Budd, Boris
  • Occupation:  Arms dealer
  • Political party:  Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (2022–present)
  • Criminal status:  Repatriated to Russia as part of a prisoner exchange
  • Children:  1
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo