How does the period of lack of cancer insurance work?


Paying for something when we don’t know a certain science about what it is or what it includes can be quite annoying. In the case of cancer insurance, designed to activate if a person is diagnosed with cancer, the same thing can happen.

While in recent years many people have become aware of how dangerous this disease is

While in recent years many people have become aware of how dangerous this disease is

It is also true that many others get discouraged when looking for one and check that there are many terms that they do not know, or they hire it but they take many surprises when trying to use it . Protecting yourself against cancer can be more expensive for some people and that will depend on certain elements. The bottom line is that the sooner you make sure, the cheaper it will come out. This can happen when talking about the “period of lack” or “waiting period”. The period of lack is a period of time established in the contract for the acquisition of cancer insurance, in which if a disease is detected, it cannot be treated or covered with the insurance policy acquired.

The waiting period is somewhat similar

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But it comes after the period of lack and is a later period of time during which if a disease is detected, you must wait until that period ends to be able to enjoy the coverage of the policy.

The duration of these periods will depend on the insurer, but the most common is that it is 90 calendar days. It is important to keep this in mind, as it will help you make better use of your policy.

Remember that there may be other conditions or exclusions, but they will depend on the insurer you hire. A recommended tactic to choose correctly is to compare the different insurers. For that, you can use the Leritores cancer insurance comparator.


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