Grief Experience Making Money

In modern times like today and in recent years, ways to find money have started to develop rapidly. Now in the age of the internet, almost everything can be done by using the internet, one of which is to make money from blogs. 

I myself have been in the blogging for money for about 5 years

I myself have been in the blogging for money for about 5 years

Initially as a side business but now it has started to become serious as a main business. In those 5 years, I have experienced many things, I feel grief. Well, on this occasion, I want to share my experience with you, who knows it is useful and gives an idea of ​​how to make money from the blog actually. Okay, just right, following the sadness that I experienced: Previously, read also: How to get money from a blog! Free and easy.Are you also a blogger, or want to be a blogger, or want to make money from a blog? If you are a veteran blogger, this article might not be useful. But if you are still a beginner, you should read this article until it’s finished.

Love to Make Money From Blogs

Love to Make Money From Blogs

Very Flexible Time and Place

The most felt joy is free time and place, in living it I can choose any time according to other activities that I have to do. Usually I take care of blogs starting at 12 noon until 2 am, not non stop but interspersed with breaks, watching movies, and playing games. If you work with other people, you may not be able to play while working, hehehe.

It’s just that, tips for those of you who want to be a full time blogger, even though the time and place are free must still be controlled, if not you control, who else? Control the intent must have a target completion of work, for example a day can make 3 articles or how many. This is important, my experience has been out of control and the results have been bad, revenue has dropped dramatically, and blog traffic has also declined.

Especially for places, free anywhere as you wish, can be in the room, on the home page, or even in the garden. I am usually in the yard while drinking coffee and seeing the scenery, sometimes also lying in my room.

Increase in Crazy Income

Increase in Crazy Income

I made money on a blog by joining as a Google Adsense publisher, for many years there was something interesting with an increase in income which is not knowing whose name is slowly rising. Often, the increase is very extreme, it can be directly 50% and even my highest record increase is 119%. Good, right?
So, for example, every day you get an average income from Adsense of 1-2 dollars, an increase per day in the following month can be 4-6 dollars. When I was new when I was new to the blog world, I could only start around 0.5 to 1.5 dollars, but in the following month it rose to 4-8 dollars per day.

This increase did not occur without cause, but because of efforts to increase blog rankings on Google’s search engine, and this increase in ranking also happened in the extreme.

Doesn’t Need Much Capital


In general, to start making money on a blog does not require a lot of capital, you only need a tool to open the internet, a computer / laptop or use a smartphone, and you need internet access, a modem or use your smartphone card operator. For other costs, adjust your needs.

My experience, first with updating articles once a day without buying articles, I was able to reach the Adsense threshold of 100 dollars. So a monthly routine fee for running a blog is just an internet quota, 100 thousand is enough.

If your blog has developed, you can spend additional costs to buy articles or hire writers. For the price of different articles, if I used to have around 100-150 thousand, I could buy 5 articles. Where to buy articles?I used to buy it at an online work site.

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